lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

!!!! just i want to desapear

in this moments is when I want yo my mind fly away so so far... and never come back!! lose my mind... lose every tiny pice of feelings... get lost in this ridiculous world, change my hair the color of my eyes and forget about what happens start like in a hole new place till everything is right... I would like to get lost in one of my books it doesn't matter what one... just to be there where everything has a happy ending where no matter what the girl stays with the right boy the one she will love eternally with or without problems... yeah that book problems that even if you don't think much you know that its so easy!! maybe theres a reason they look easy... maybe its because we are not there living that moment with such hard feelings just thinking not getting involve with feeling!! maybe thats our first problem... trying to decide what to do with the problem with our feelings but still I want to get lost just a little while maybe a 30 min sleep or just fall asleep till every feeling is in his/her place or just go away disappear and let a time pass i was just about thinking that I want a lair machine!! jaaaa that would be the end!! of every lie around me...


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